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High-performance Adaptable Meeting Rooms and glass partitions transform this American multinational information technology company’s new London HQ 

This multinational information technology services and consulting company has recently completed the fit-out of their new London headquarters. In collaboration with architects Perkins + Will and main contractor Overbury, we created a sophisticated, dynamic office environment that supports a variety of working styles. Our glass partitioning systems adds a refined aesthetic feature whilst offering smart, high-performance acoustic solutions to enhance their new office. From striking high-quality glass partitions and doors to innovative Adaptable Meeting Room and Adaptable Wall systems, our wide range of products enrich the office in so many ways.  

280 Bishopsgate, London

Perkins + Will


Dynamic office neighbourhoods transform the working environment  

37 Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) systems installed across the three floors of this client’s office build a dynamic inner office neighbourhood. Installed in a variety of sizes from 3.8mx3.7m, 2.5mx2.5m and 1.3mx1.2 the Adaptable Meeting Room showcases how this flexible office solution can adapt to meet the needs of any design. The client took advantage of the adaptability of the AMR, designing a variety of spaces from meeting and collaboration spaces to individual private phone booths. Designed to support a variety of working styles, the AMR provides a truly unique way to divide the office. Whether staff want to gather for a collaborative workshop or take a private call, the AMR offers the perfect working environment. Furthermore, not only do these meeting room innovations build creative zones, but the spaces in-between form inspirational and agile areas.  

Superior acoustics of the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room 

Superior acoustic privacy was paramount for our client’s new office. With acoustics like no other, the Adaptable Meeting Room provides the ideal solution to meet their high acoustic specification. Offering a quiet and comfortable space where colleagues can meet or work alone undisturbed, the AMR enhances this elegant office.  Achieving up to 41 DnT,w with our double glazed systems, the AMR maintains the sophisticated visual of the office whilst delivering acoustic performance of a traditional fit-out. This collection of different sized systems means that whether in a solo workspace or a larger meeting room, the AMRs unrivalled acoustic performance is delivering the right level of sound privacy to meet the occupant’s needs. So much more than a furniture pod, the AMR’s superior acoustic rating truly has created a happy, healthy and dynamic working environment for our client.  

Adaptable, reusable meeting rooms for the future 

Designed to be reused, the Adaptable Meeting Room provides a unique office solution that can evolve with our clients. Modularity is the basis of how we design our products, and it is no different for the AMR. Fully adaptable, this neighbourhood of freestanding meeting rooms can be re-configured, re-located and reused to meet the client’s needs. This exceptional design feature adds a sustainable element to their office, as it plays into the circular economy perfectly.

Adaptable Meeting Room: Designing for today and the future

Easily demountable and reusable, the Adaptable Meeting Room builds an office environment that suits the way they work today and how they will work in the future. With sustainability such an important factor not only in how businesses design their offices but how they work, the AMR provides our clients with a truly sustainable system. The reusable nature of the AMR means this global information technology company is not only maximising the potential of their new office, but they can also maximise the potential of their office in the future too.  

Designing the office in a whole new way with the Optima Adaptable Wall  

In addition to our glass partitioning solutions, we also installed our Adaptable Wall system extensively throughout their new office. This stunning solid wall system achieves outstanding acoustic ratings and adds a distinctive design feature. Also, completely demountable and reconfigurable, the Adaptable Wall was utilised to divide this refined office environment. Installed with a grey biometric textured fabric, it ties into to the sleek design of the office whilst offering a distinctive visual characteristic. The dry-jointed solid wall divides the open-plan office, creating pockets of versatile working spaces. Colleagues can separate themselves from the main office without leaving the open floor plan.

Adaptable Wall: high-quality acoustic rating 

Based on our Revolution 100 acoustic system, the Adaptable Wall can achieve up to Rw48dB with the fabric panels. The high-quality acoustic rating of this floor-to-ceiling solid wall means that even in the open spaces, acoustic privacy can be maintained and enriched. Manufactured at our UK facility and delivered to site, our expert installations team quickly and easily installed this solid wall system with minimal disruption to the build compared with conventional drywall. With the structural stability and acoustic performance of our glass partitions, the Adaptable Wall offers our clients a unique addition to enhance their office design.  

Modern, sleek, executive-style office.  

Delivering a sleek and sophisticated office environment was a key design requirement for this global consulting company’s London HQ. Integrating a comprehensive range of our glass partitions throughout the design, we created an elegant office that also performed excellently. With this in mind, we installed a variety of our glass partitioning systems to create a collection of meeting rooms, private offices and board rooms. Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions create several boardroom and large meeting rooms across the three floors of the design. This timelessly elegant glass partition adds to the sleek aesthetic of the office, creating beautiful private spaces. With minimal head and base channels and discreet glass to glass dry joints, this refined single glazed system creates the illusion of vast areas of unsupported glass, further adding to the elegant design.

A fantastic acoustic solution

Achieving up to Rw40dB with 16.8mm acoustic laminate glass this system provides a fantastic acoustic solution for these confidential spaces. Edge Affinity further enhances the acoustic performance of the dynamic spaces that lead effortlessly off the central open office. This single glazed door can achieve up to Rw39dB, maintaining excellent acoustic privacy and adding a final flourish to the design. 

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