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In an age where the planet’s health dictates the course of industries, the junction of packaging, transportation, and energy emerges as the crucible of change. The path to a sustainable future is not just about reducing our carbon footprint; it’s about reshaping our very approach to business operations, materials, and energy choices. For us, it translates into transformative shifts that echo our commitment to decarbonisation and our Net Zero Carbon Strategy. We delve into how our packaging promotes circularity, our vehicles drive lower emissions, and our renewable energy procurement powers us on our path to sustainable development. Sustainable packaging, transportation and renewable energy enhancements are driving decarbonisation across our operations. 

Sustainable packaging and electric vans driving decarbonisation  

As part of our Net Zero Carbon Strategy, we have made widespread developments throughout the business. As a result, our sustainability journey also shines in our choice of packaging materials, transportation means and energy supply. We have replaced traditional materials with recyclable plant-based bio-film shrink wrap and FSC© certified cardboard, eliminating single use plastics. These significant sustainable packaging enhancements are helping us further drive decarbonisation  across our operations. 

Moreover, we have introduced a several of electric and hybrid vans to our fleet. This decision highlights a conscious decision to help drive down our emissions and guide us on our journey to Net Zero Carbon. In addition, we have installed electric charging points at our UK manufacturing near Bath, encouraging our employees to also switch to electric vehicles.  

Powering the Future with Renewable Energy 

Finally, a significant step on our path towards net zero and leading the glass partition Circular Revolution is the decision to move to 100% REGO-backed renewable energy. We have adopted renewable energy at our High Wycombe headquarters and UK Manufacturing Facility near Bath. The energy that powers these sites is procured from renewable sources such as solar or wind and has helped us make considerable carbon savings across our business. This massive decision showcases an unwavering commitment to sustainability that permeates every facet of our business.   

A final note  

Through a forward-thinking and dedicated approach, we have transformed a number of the ways we do business. From the embrace of sustainable packaging such as plant-based biofilm shrink wrap and the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles that help us drive down emissions to the adoption of 100% renewable energy sources powering our UK manufacturing facility and head office, we have made momentous steps on our journey to net zero carbon by 2035.

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