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Have you ever walked into an office and marvelled at the designs on their glass and how it interplayed both light and shadow in a unique and artistic way? Well, that’s the magic of glass partition manifestation. Before we get too deep down that rabbit hole, let’s take a moment to go over the basics. Here’s everything you need to know about glass manifestation and how it might apply to you.

8 Benefits of Using Glass Manifestation in Your Office Space

Beyond their obvious allure, these artful adaptations on glass partitionscome with a ton of benefits that might interest you. Let’s delve into the top eight benefits that glass manifestation brings to the table:

1. Enhanced Privacy

First and foremost, glass partition manifestations are champions of visual privacy. Whether it’s a busy workspace or a confidential meeting room, manifestation glazing ensures that activities remain discreet without completely shutting out the world.

2. Design Aesthetics

A workspace should inspire, and manifestations on glass partitions make this possible. They can be used to elevate the design of your office, by adding a touch of elegance, creativity, artistry, and sophistication. From subtle patterns to bold graphics, the design possibilities are endless.

3. Natural Lighting

One of the standout features of glass manifestations is their ability to balance privacy with light. By allowing natural light to flow through, they create a sense of openness that promotes well-being and productivity. Sunlit spaces not only reduce electricity costs, but can also boost the mood and energy levels of employees.

4. Acoustic Performance

Offices often wrestle with the challenge of excess external and internal noise.

Fortunately, glass partitions can enhance acoustic performance. Pairing glass manifestation with products like our Revolution 100 double glazed partitionscan provide remarkable sound insulation, to ensure that conversations remain within and outside noise stays out.

Glass Manifestation

5. Durability

Don’t be deceived by their delicate appearance. Glass manifestations, especially when using applied film, can withstand the test of time and everyday wear and tear.

6. Low-Maintenance

Gone are the days of high-maintenance office fixtures. Glass manifestations are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. They’re resistant to smudges and fingerprints, so you only have to clean them occasionally.

7. Easy Installation

Time is of the essence, especially in a bustling office environment. Glass manifestations, be it through applied films have a hassle-free installation process that causes minimal disruption to daily operations.

3 Types of Glass Manifestation 

Our glass partitions can be installed with a variety of bespoke manifestation, where your creativity is the limit.

Land Securities Glass Manifestation Installation


AJ Gallagher & Co.

Glazing Manifestation


CMS Manifestations on Glass

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright

Applied Film Manifestation: and Stylish

Applied film is a popular choice for manifestation on glass, thanks to its and lightweight nature. Whether you’re portraying brand graphics like or Condé Nast’s reeded style for enhanced privacy, the design possibilities are almost endless.

Plus, with options ranging from etched effect films to transparent colour and even bomb blast films, there’s something for every requirement. No matter what style you’re trying to accomplish, we have a bespoke manifestation for you.

Project Spotlight: KKS Savill’s London HQ

Project Spotlight: KKS Savill’s London HQ

KKS Savills recently finalised the interior design of their headquarters situated in the vibrant heart of London’s renowned West End. Positioned near Oxford Circus, the new office of this leading global property agency features a diverse range of dynamic spaces designed to accommodate various working styles. In partnership with the primary contractor, ISG, we successfully crafted a bright and lively workspace, characterised by an elegant and functional finish.

What sets this project apart is our direct collaboration with KKS Savills in shaping the design of their new workspace. By actively engaging with them throughout the entire project, we seamlessly aligned with their design preferences. Our incorporation of glass partitions not only delivers impressive acoustic performance but also contributes to a visually striking aesthetic, providing Savills with an optimal office solution.

Best Glass Office Manifestations

Prioritising acoustic performance was a crucial aspect of the design. To meet this requirement, extensive use of Revolution 54 Plus Shoreditch Edition double glazed partitions was incorporated into the overall layout. This innovative glass partitioning system not only delivers exceptional acoustic performance but also adds an appealing aesthetic touch, creating a flexible and sophisticated environment that caters to diverse employee needs.

The acoustic system, featuring two layers of 12.8mm thick acoustic laminated glass, achieves an impressive up to Rw48dB. This configuration allows for the creation of private offices, meeting rooms, and solo booths branching off from the central communal area, fostering a well-balanced workspace.
The Shoreditch Edition slimline aluminium framework adds a rustic and contemporary flair to the design. Bonded to the glass, it maintains both the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partition, creating a visually impactful effect as if cutting through the glass. The result is a Revolution 54 Plus system that not only stands out for its striking appearance but also provides a high-performance environment accommodating various working styles.

Ready to Transform Your Office Space? Choose Optima

Are you looking for the highest quality glass manifestations on the market from a company you can trust? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Call +44 1494 492 725 today and connect with our experienced sales team to learn more about how to transform your office space with the power of glass office partition manifestations!

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