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Stylish and adaptable partitioning systems for key government regulator in London

For this government regulator specialising in transport, an open, light and adaptable space is paramount. Architects, Pick Everard and main contractor, BW: Workplace Experts incorporate design characteristics resembling classic road and railway aspects for this contemporary fit-out.

Canary Wharf, London

Pick Everard

BW: Workplace Experts

Collaborative environment

Firstly, the office space is mainly open plan, encouraging collaboration and communication between staff. Two breakout zones are also instrumental in creating an environment that puts employee wellbeing and company culture first.

Acoustic and visual privacy

For privacy, strategically placed meeting rooms are found around the open plan office. With 18 in total to choose from, employees are able to work in an environment best suited to their needs. Created with Revolution 54 double glazed partitions, the meeting rooms encourage the flow of natural light. To add to the design, Shoreditch Edition bands feature on the partitions and doors, along with Reeded glass manifestation for privacy.

As well as this, the double glazed system provides high acoustic properties for confidential meetings, with the ability to reach a maximum of Rw45dB. Not only do they provide private work areas, but the meeting rooms also help to bring variety to the otherwise open plan office. Both fire rated and non fire rated 54mm Timber Doors add to the acoustic and visual privacy. As well as a functional purpose, the light grey colour of the doors couples well with vibrant yellow Tech Panels. The largest meeting room continues to uphold the flexible and adaptable nature of the office. With the ability to act as one, or be divided into three separate rooms, the space is ideal for both collaboration as well as more intimate gatherings.

Within the main breakout area, a row of booths is located with seats resembling those found on popular tube trains. Alongside the booths are telephone rooms, ideal for classified conversations. Edge Symmetry glass doors ensure acoustic confidentiality, meanwhile Reeded manifestation provides visual privacy. For this design, confidentiality is important, glass partitions and doors provide this whilst adding to the stylish design of the space.

Fire rated glass doors

Technishield 65 doors lead from the reception area into the main office and are also featured either side of the kitchen. Creating an accessible space whilst keeping fire safety paramount, the Technishield doors are automatic, opening at the push of a button. Coupled with Shoreditch Edition and Reeded manifestation, the fire-rated partitions are both efficient and stylish, maintaining the theme of the office. With attention to design and safety both equally important, Technisihield 65 was the door of choice. With stylish, prominent framing, the fire rated glass doors notably achieve up to 30 minutes of integrity and insulation.

Culture focus

Above all, Pick Everard looked to create the ideal environment that puts culture first. With two breakout zones, open plan social space, wellbeing room, prayer room and library, it’s evident that employee satisfaction is of high importance to the client. Additionally, natural light flows without interruption, promoting a positive atmosphere among the employees. Subsequently, the end result is a bright, open and creative space, where the culture is everywhere. Together with Pick Everard and BW:Workplace Experts, we created a new space that the client can be proud of.

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