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Are you looking for a glass partition provider in Manchester? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Glass office partitions are revolutionising Manchester workspaces by blending functionality with sleek design, for modern offices that look and feel like they belong in the 21st century.

At Optima, we’re at the forefront of this movement. Our glass partition solutions will enhance your office’s design aesthetic while also improving transparency, productivity, privacy and sustainability. Let’s delve into the world of glass partitions and discover how we’ve become the go-to source for businesses across Manchester!

The Benefits of Glass Partitions in the Modern Workplace

There are many reasons you should invest in glass partitions. Here are just a few of the primary benefits of installing glass partitions in your office:

Natural Light

Glass partitions allow sunlight to permeate the workspace which creates a bright and inviting atmosphere. Studies show that natural light boosts morale and productivity, which is a clear win for any business and their workforce.

Acoustic Control

With our glass partitions, you can achieve a quieter workspace without sacrificing transparency or aesthetic appeal. Our expertly designed partitions offer impressive acoustic performance, to help ensure that conversations stay confidential.

Visual Space

Enhance the openness of your office with glass partitions. They maintain visual continuity, and they can make spaces appear larger and more connected, which is crucial for collaborative environments.


Redesigning your office layout? Our glass partitions are easily reconfigurable and reusable, which means they can adapt to the evolving needs of your business with minimal disruption.


Sustainability is an important aspect of our business, and we work to source materials and refine manufacturing processes to meet this goal. We’re proud to lead the way in the circular revolution with our Reuse service.

Modern Aesthetics

Glass partitions embody the sleek, modern look that many companies desire, and our designs add a touch of sophistication that can align with any brand image.

How to Incorporate Glass Partitions Into Your Workspace

When adding glass partitions to your workspace, it’s important to think about functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can use them to carve out meeting rooms, lounge areas and private offices, or to create soundproof spaces for focused work.

We offer a variety of glass partitions that allow for unique customisation, to help ensure that each partition reflects your company’s style and values.

The Different Types of Glass Partitions

Discovering the right type of glass partition for your Manchester workspace can be transformative. Our wide range of products is perfect for whatever design brief you’re trying to accomplish. Here’s an in-depth look at the different systems we offer:

Single Glazed Glass Partitions

Single glazed glass partitions are the epitome of sleek design and simplicity, that provide a balance between an open floor plan and private spaces. Here are the outstanding single glazed office partitions we offer:

Optima 117 Plus

Optima 117 Plus: Glass Office Partitions Manchester
Optima 117 Plus is a timelessly elegant single glazed partition system that can make beautiful private rooms out of open spaces. The minimalist channels and discreet joints give a floating glass look for a perfect blend of form and function.

Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition

Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition

Featuring a slimline aluminium framework, Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition offers enhanced acoustics up to Rw40dB. This design combines structural integrity with dramatic visual effects, which can make a statement in any office.

Revolution 54 Plus Single Glazing

Revolution 54 Plus Single Glazing

Revolution 54 Plus has excellent acoustic performance and aesthetic versatility. Adobe’s Dublin HQ utilised it to create spaces that are both vibrant and functional, proving its adaptability in various settings.

Revolution 54 Plus Single Glazing – Shoreditch Edition

Revolution 54 Plus Single Glazing – Shoreditch Edition

Shoreditch Edition framework adds an edge to the Revolution 54 Plus system, but maintains its acoustic performance and also provides a striking visual element. Its slimline framework is a nod to industrial design trends.

Revolution 100 Single Glazing

For a uniform look that caters to different acoustic needs, Revolution 100 is a masterpiece. Its single glazed option offers elegance and fantastic acoustic privacy with the illusion of uninterrupted glass.

Double Glazed Glass Partitions

For higher acoustic demands, double glazed partitions might be the ideal choice for you. Here’s a brief look at double glazed glass partitions:

Revolution 100 Double Glazing

Revolution 100 Double Glazing

Achieve superior acoustic ratings with Revolution 100 Double Glazing, which is a testament to combining functionality with design. Its high acoustic capabilities complement the system’s beautiful design aesthetics.

Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition

For the highest acoustic performance within the Shoreditch range, Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition stands out! It retains the slimline appeal, while also ensuring outstanding acoustic performance.

Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing

Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing

Since it merges with drywall seamlessly, Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing helps to create an uninterrupted design flow that is perfect for areas where acoustics and aesthetics can’t be compromised.

Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing – Shoreditch Edition

Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing – Shoreditch Edition

Shoreditch Edition framework brings a design-forward approach to the standard Revolution 54 Plus, that offers high acoustic ratings with a visually impactful slimline framework.

Glass Partition Projects in Manchester

If you’re looking for examples of our work in Manchester, look no further. Here are a few projects completed in the Manchester area that feature our glass partitions:

One Express

The transformation at One Express is a perfect example of our unique and expert craftsmanship. The building’s historic character combined with our modern partitions resulted in a space that balances industrial charm with contemporary professionalism.


At the heart of Manchester’s Union Square, Bruntwood headquarters features black powder-coated frames that showcase both innovation and elegance. It’s the ideal example of what’s possible with glass partitions in the modern workspace.

BBC Media City

The glass partitions at BBC Media City are a testament to our commitment to tailored solutions that fulfil high acoustic demands without compromising on style. It’s another example of how perfect your glass partitions pair with modern architecture.


In the CBRE Manchester HQ, glass partitions provide a light and modern interior that reflects the firm’s growth and commitment to the Manchester region. Paired with the beautiful colour design, the transparency of the glass partitions lends perfectly to our commitment to transparency with clients.

Elevate Your Manchester Workspace with Glass Partitions from Optima

Choosing the right glass partition system can significantly affect the functionality and style of your workspace. Whether you prioritise acoustics, aesthetics, safety or sustainability, we have a solution for you.

Reach out today to explore how our glass partitions can transform your Manchester office into a space of productivity and style!

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